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What is your tribute?

My tribute varies depending on the length, scene details, fetishes involved and complexity of the scene. Once you have filled up your application form. I will be able to make a judgement of the adequate tribute. My tribute is non-negotiable, if you cannot afford a session with me but still want to serve me you can always request an online session through the same application form.

What’s the booking process?

Once you have completed and sent the application form, I will reply accepting or rejecting your application. If you are accepted, I may have further questions regarding your session, make sure you answer this promptly and efficiently.

Once I have enough information, I’ll let you know the adequate tribute for your session and my availability so we can arrange a suitable appointment. Once we have arranged a suitable date, you’ll will have 24 hours to pay the deposit to keep the dates (deposit will vary depending on the length of the session). If I don’t hear anything from you during those 24 hours your booking would be cancelled. I don’t take any bookings with less than 48 hours’ notice. I occasionally post my availability on my social media but it’s not limited to those dates only.

How do I prepare for a session?

Make sure you have read all my emails, are available for the time of our session and that you have paid the deposit. Practice good personal hygiene, freshly showered, brushed teeth and no heavy perfume and colognes. For certain types of play you might need to do some extra cleaning, please take the necessary steps for that and if you are not sure if you need it or not ask when booking. Bring your tribute placed in an envelope, cards and notes are not mandatory but always put a smile on my face. Be there on time, NOT late NOT early.

Some clients like to bring extra gifts to a session, if you would like to do the same, I enjoy vegan chocolate, craft IPA’s, Lush bubble bars and bath bombs, exotic flowers or any item from my Amazon Wishlist.

What should I expect of a session with you?

Once you arrive to my studio or the location of the session we firstly have a little chat, I like to make sure we feel comfortable on each others companies. For nervous newbies I like to spend some extra time talking to make sure they feel safe and comfortable before we start. During this chat we will ago again through the things you want to explore on the session, discuss safe words and any other relevant issues like medical conditions etc. Once we are both in the same page our session would start. At the end of it I like to dedicate some time to aftercare, where we can talk about the session and come down to the real world safetly (I have a small collection of snacks and tea in my studio which you will be invited to if you wish before you leave)

Where are you located?

I am based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. My sessions take place at my personal studio close to the city centre or at Leeds Chambers (I do prefer the latest for long sessions and overnights) , not far from Leeds Bradford airport. I offer sessions in other locations including hotel outcalls. You can find me regularly in London too (or request to see me in London, minimum 4 hours session)

I occasionally tour around the UK and Europe, please keep an eye on my social media to know my tour dates.

Do you offer key holding services?

Yes, I’m very passionate about chastity and I’ll gladly put anyone’s manhood under a lock, please email me to goddesscalathea@gmail.com to get more details about keyholding services.

Do you have any latex for me to wear?

Yes, I do have a growing collection of latex clothes for my subs to wear (size depending) Due to how delicate and the specialist care that latex require I do charge an extra fee for the usage of my latex garments (this doesn’t include hoods), please make sure you enquire about this and mention your size on your application.

Do you rent your studio to professionals or couples?

No, at this point I don’t have any interested or desire to rent my studio out. I like to keep my studio private, specially as I use it for my personal and my inner circle play.

Can I be your personal slave?

Possibly, to become my personal slave you need to have the right mentality and be compatible with my lifestyle. You will need to start as my loyal submissive/client. It can be a long process filled up with all sorts of challenges, I do take slave training very seriously and I would expect the same from you if that’s the route you are willing to take.

Do you sell personal items?

Yes, please send an email with your request to goddesscalathea@gmail.com specifying the items, quantify and shipping country.